TEC Research Analyst Roundtable: Predictions for 2011

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TEC Research Analyst Roundtable: Predictions for 2011

Here are some interesting predictions for 2011 made by a group of technology analysts from Technology Evaluation Center. The Social CRM part of course is very nice for Xeesm: Worth following in social CRM: Nimble and Xeesm.

Even so a competitor I still want to congratulate Jon Ferrara from Nimble who is also hard working on giving CRM a new face. Jon was co-founder of Goldmine one of the first CRM systems. So he knows his stuff.

Maybe also a good time to review Xeesm


We started in summer 2009 with a pet project to get all social profiles in one place. After sharing it with friends we grew to about 1,000 users in the first 6 month. But most importantly – we received about a 1,000 feature requests, ideas, bug reports and general responses. Xeesm today is truly a crowd source based product.

In 2010 we grow to over 100,000 users – in March we experienced the hockey stick effect.

What happened in 2010

Xeesm Social Business Platform

The many feature requests we received made it very clear: Putting this all in one product would make it a huge and complicated thing. But we love EASY. So we split it into multiple products and in order to serve them up to the users we needed to build a platform. Today we have different applications a user can install from this application platform – and we will have more in 2011

Xeesm Social Address Book

From the original idea of having all social sites in one place – we also wanted to have all the social profiles of our friends in one place. The social address book was born. It single biggest advantage: It helps us focus. Focus on people – not social media noise. It helps business people to reach out to more people and faster than any other technique.

Xeesm Flights! – The social spreadsheet

The next phase was to build little social engagement projects. Users wanted to engage with a small group of contacts – instead of having thousands in one list. Flights! was created to do exactly that. And since we are all in a business environment we wanted to have business milestones and goals as part of the activities. Flights! however are so universal that people didn't know, is it for sales, for marketing, for HR or what. One of our users, Puneet Arora said – "I see it as a social spreadsheet it is good for all of the above". Flights! is used in sales, marketing, HR, product management and more.

New Applications

Xeesm/Engage! was created to allow users to put some social engagement to their otherwise static web 1.0 website. Business friends can express their loyalty to the company. Pretty simple product but very helpful for those who wanted to add a social touch to their site.

Xeesm/Compete! is a new product as users wanted to have their customers, partners or friends vote on things like what product feature should be build, who is the best in…, or many other contests. Right now it works only inside Xeesm, but this will change next year. ;)

Xeesm/Flights for – still in Beta but a break through product for us already. It brings all aspects from social relationship management into traditional CRM. The integration not only augments CRM records with social data but brings a wealth of relationship relevant reports into the CRM world, including relationship strength, contact intensity, Social Capital and more.

Outlook for 2011

In 2011 we want to grow from 100,000 to 1,000,000 users. Those numbers are small compared to general social networks but huge for business applications. With the help of our existing users and partners, friends and associates, we should be able to become #2 in the ondemand software industry after

We will add new products in 2011 all based on user requests.

We delayed the availability of our public API because there were too many adjustments in our platform technology. The Xeesm social business platform is the only networked multi tenant architecture in the world. A multi tenant architecture like pretty much any SaaS platform is providing a software service for each of its individual tenants with no connection between tenant. In contrast to a NMTA (Networked Multi Tenant Architecture) which allows users to "float" between tenant. In other words a user may be connected to one company today – but to another tomorrow. The building of partnerships between companies and MOST IMPORTANTLY the CRM dream of integrating customers into CRM processes is now possible by having a NMTA.

Business Partnerships

Xeesm will continue and significantly expand its partner network in 2011. Partners meaning business consultants, system integrators and solution providers who are implementing Xeesm solutions with their customers. While our current partner network is small it is already global with partners in Australia, Europe and the Americas. Sharing is a key concept in social media – it is also a key philosophy in our business growth strategy.