Google at the peak of its live cycle?

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Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google's Sergey Brin

An interesting post to read. In the  Guardian,  Brin said he and co-founder Larry Page would not have been able to create Google if the internet was dominated by Facebook. While Google was a great company in the 90's they never understood that our society is massively changing. It isn't Social Media and its tools that change the world – it is our society that rapidly moves to more democracy, expressing their opinion publicly, grow to much more individualism and autonomy and therefor embrace Social Media to fulfill their interests. If you don't think so, think about this: Non of the social networks or tools ever advertised or promoted their products. Unlike any other technology that was pushed and introduced to the world with massive marketing budgets, convincing people to use it – social media platforms were taking in storm. Why BECAUSE WE WANT IT BADLY.



And when I say 'Google' doesn't understand social, I mean the Google Management team. Google is a legal entity, a bracket for the activity of people who live inside this organism. Google doesn't do anything – the people in Google do – or in this case don't. They don't understand that our society is shifting at a speed that can only be compared with the industrial revolution.

About a year ago I wrote a post addressing Larry Page to forget competing on a social network and start building a social search engine. The result is a massive undertaking to get Google Plus into the market and keep business as usual inside Google. Why didn't people run and take on G+ like the many other networks? Because Google thinks and acts like a software company from the 90's. Neither the product nor the team is social. 

Google is getting dangerously weak

I agree to a certain extend that the freedom of the Internet is at risk. Too many try to put in rules and regulations. Not only in dictator lead countries but also in free and democratic nations. In the US people think about requesting Facebook passwords from employees, in Germany Gema controls what YouTube can show and similar situations pop all over the world. Google would be the one who can change that not Facebook. Isn't Google the one who bend over backwards to keep the business in China? Isn't Google the one who owns YouTube and let Gema control what you can see on YouTube?

The Microsoft – Google – Facebook dominance

Google is light years away from protecting the freedom of the web. Google is known to be 'big brother', many are scared of the fact that Google keeps everything we do, we say, we post simply by cashing it so even if we delete it – Google keeps it. After the unwanted dominance of Microsoft, we experienced the dominance of Google and now the next "dominator" is Facebook. The only group however that has effectively the power to let anybody control the web are the 2 Billion users. And we have seen this in the SOPA or PIPA discussion, we saw the influence in Egypt and other nations and we – the population of the world – continue to expand our democratic rights. Facebook is certainly one platform to execute those rights but nothing more than the platform. Twitter is another one, Pinterest is just about to become yet another platform that allows all of us to express ourselves on a global scale.

Dear Sergey

I'm sure you didn't read my post to your partner Larry. Not only because you don't know me but primarily because you are not listening. And the ones who listen for you don't respond – let alone you responding. That is the difference between you and Marc Benioff, Richard Branson, Tony Hsieh and Barak Obama who all respond to series requests – you only ignore it – most likely don't even know about it. How should you be able to build the Google of the future if you don't know what the people of that future want and need, what they may get excited about and frustrated over? You don't even recognized the major change of our society. The good news however – you still have time to make a change, make a difference, participate, become part of it . IF and that is a big fat if, you are still hungry enough to want it and want it as badly as the society wants that evolutionary change we are already going through.

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